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Can I Swim With My Apple Watch 3? (Answered)

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In many ways, the real innovative journey of Apple watches is started from series 3. If you’re on a budget and want a watch that must be of apple then trust me series 3 will not regret you even when the series 7 & 8 launch. We’ll talk about some great features that I like with this powerful base series later in this post but first let me answer your main question – Is the apple watch 3 good for swimming in every way or not?

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Can I Swim In The Ocean & Pool With The Apple Watch 3?

Yes, you can swim in the pool and ocean without worrying because the Apple Watch 3 is certified with ISO standard 22810:2010 which means that this watch can be taken down in a pool or ocean as deep as 50 meters. The depth count arrived after testing the watch in the lab where it is submerged in a stated depth at a static water pressure for some time.

Now, it is quite possible that not all Apple watches 3’s are gone through this test or some may have manufacturing defects that make the watch incompetent of staying healthy when taken underwater but such watches fall under Apple’s warranty as manufacturing defects are something that a brand should take responsibility of.

Apple Watch 3 On Amazon

Let’s say if you have a perfect apple watch that has gone through ISO standards then Apple warns in their series 3 terms and conditions that you should only use this watch in shallow-water activities like swimming in the ocean, lake, pool, or surfing. But it is ideal for scuba diving, sea diving, water skiing, or any activities that either demand submersion below the shallow depth or stay in high-velocity water.

You Should Not Swim For More Than * Minutes With Apple Watch 3

If we solely go by the standards and what bloggers and YouTubers tell then a watch that has ISO certified water resistance can be taken underwater for 30 minutes up to 1 meter deep. Now, if you’re ok with a little risk then I am pretty sure that you can swim with your Apple watch 3 for 10-20 minutes if you don’t swim below 15 meters.

Though swimming in open water like an ocean, up to 10 minutes of swimming under 20-25 meters deep water is quite ok but if you want to go a little deeper or 25 meters deep in the ocean below the shallow depth then you should only swim at that depth for a few minutes.

Now, in the case of a flowing river, sometimes the waves can be of high speed that generally is of high velocity, now if you swim in that kind of river it is ideal to not take your apple watch but if it is normally flowing river that swimming in the river for a short period will not do any harm but just make sure it is a clean river because nowadays humans are crossing their limits and forgetting what makes up their life. Also, protect your watch from colliding with rocks underwater as it can damage the watch.

By this, I remember one more thing, that if you have a broken watch or even just a cracked screen then also don’t take the apple watch 3 for swimming, as you know the water can penetrate in and form bubbles that is quite a headache to get rid of. You should note that the apple watch 3 screen is not crack-resistance.

Can I Go Bath Under A Waterfall With Apple Watch 3?

It depends if it is a calm waterfall then taking your apple watch underneath it won’t do any harm but you should not stay there for a longer time. Now you may ask, Michael, you have told me that Apple watches 3 can be taken as deep as 50 meters but I am just going under a waterfall, not in a pool or ocean, so why can’t I take it for a longer time?

The answer is simple, a moving waterfall that has downstream fall with a high velocity and pressure, according to ISO standards, you should not take the series 3 watch for high-velocity water activities. That’s why I’ve told you, you can bathe in a waterfall but don’t forget to remove the watch if you decide to stay there for a longer time.

What If I Forget My Apple Watch 3 Overnight In The Bathtub Or Pool?

I don’t want to personally test it with my watch right now but who knows maybe in the future I’ll do that for you because my parents will think I’ve turned mad for my readers and personally I want to turn mad to try this but for now, I have found and watched a video uploaded by JerryRigEverything and he repaired an Apple watch that was sitting 15-20 feet underwater for about 9 months at first the watch is not working but as you know he’s a mastermind he repaired it successfully but he says that he would not trust the refurbished 24k gold apple watch again for swimming.

Though one piece of advice that I like the most from that video is that you should not go swimming with the default apple leather watch band but buy a good one either from Apple’s sections or from a third party.

So I can conclude that if you have forgotten your apple watch in a 10-15 meters deep pool, lake, or just a bathtub for hours then as the watch is sitting still without any pressure thrown at it, it can be ok but again the chances are high that once the water-resistance membrane damages your watch will get repaired for sure but you can’t trust the water-resistance again for swimming with the repaired watch.

Other Interesting Features Of The Series 3 Watch That You Should Know?

It’s not a new watch and if you already have an apple watch 3 then for sure you already know these features but for those who are thinking of purchasing their very first apple watch 3 then here are some key highlights of the watch.

  • It is splashproof, swimproof, and surf proof.
  • Get accurate workout metrics
  • Ping your iPhone with the watch and see and hear where it is hiding.
  • The sleep app will adjust itself measuring your sleep patterns and will suggest the amount of sleep you need to be energetic throughout the day.
  • Unlock your Mac just by wearing the apple watch 3.
  • Track the menstrual cycle
  • Take breathing with guided mindfulness
  • Call emergency services right from your wrist
  • Check your current, resting, and average walking heart rate and get irregular heart rhythm notifications.

Apple Watch 3 Vs 6: Which Is More Waterproof? (Should I Buy A New Model?)

Both 3 and apple watch 6 are water-resistant and not waterproof so there’s no question about buying a new and expensive model solely for this purpose. But the apple watch 7 comes with many other great features that will help with water resistance over the series 3. Like the series 7 is most crack resistant and has IP6X dust resistant they both will make sure the water-resistant membrane will not get damaged for a long time in various scenarios.

Though, for this you need to pay more so going for series 3 if you want a reliable watch just for swimming is value for money at half of the price of series 7 with some health features missing

Is There Any Warranty On The Water-resistance Of The Apple Watch Series 3?

In apple’s own words “Water resistance isn’t a permanent condition and may diminish over time. Apple Watch can’t be rechecked or resealed for water resistance [source]“. Hope this clarifies your doubt.

Measures You Should Take To Secure Water-resistance Of The Apple Watch?

According to apple here are the measures you should take to make sure that your Apple Watch 3 will not lose its water resistance.

  • Don’t drop it or drop like effects. Apple Watch 3 is not crack resistance so please beware of that.
  • Don’t take it in for a steam bath or sauna
  • Don’t take it for high-velocity water activities like water skiing.
  • Don’t apply soap on it or soapy like water
  • Don’t Expose it to perfumes, deodorants, insect repellents, oil, solvents, acidic food or acid, detergents, solvents, lotion, hair dye, or sunscreen.
  • Don’t swim with leather or stainless steel bands as they are not waterproof.

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