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Where Are North Face Jackets & Hoodies Made? (With Pie Chart!)

Though, if we go broad then the North Face Jackets and hoodies are made in Vietnam, China, India, El Salvador, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Bulgaria, Guatemala, and the USA.

As told, that’s our broad answer but trust me if someone says that their North Face Jacket is ‘Made In USA’ and yours is ‘Made In China’ then I guarantee you that he is lying even if it has a ‘Made in USA’ label. If you want to know the entire story then keep reading this article so that next time you can close the mouth of your friend or better can give someone genuine advice buying a Made in USA TNF jacket.

Let’s See Where Are The North Face Jackets & Hoodies Made?

I’ve talked about other jacket brands and where they are made like Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Columbia, Barbour, Canada Goose, etc. But researching the same for The North Face is a bit complicated for me because the North Face is a brand that is owned by the VFC (they own several other outdoor brands). Like many other jacket companies, either they source everything from the country of manufacturing or outsource it to overseas suppliers for different parts of the jacket.

Countries Where The North Face Jackets & Hoodies Manufactures
These percentages are based on the factories list published by VFC. Even though this chart will give you an eagle eye view on where most & least North Face Jackets are manufactured. (You can download and use this image as you wish, just link back to this article)

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But the North Face doesn’t do the same, they go through a supply chain from Farms, Distribution Centers, Factories, Textile Mills, and Material supplies. Each part of the chain is located in a different or same country. For example, The North Face Men’s ThermoBall Eco Hoodie is manufactured in this style of chain.

  • Materials are Supplied from USA to China to the manufacturing factories which for Men’s ThermoBall Eco Hoodie is the Quang Viet (Long An) Co. LTD. China.
  • Then other required materials and textiles are sent from Indian Mills and Material supplies to Japan and then sent to Japanese textile mill for dyeing and fineshing.
  • Further, other secondary materials are sent from Chinese material suppliers to Chinese factories where they starts the real garment manufacturing process for Thermoball Eco Hoodie.
  • After all the process finally it shipped to USA to The North Face Distribution Center where it get further distriputed to online stores and local shops.

So tell me is it not a bit complicated process to understand for a common person but I think North Face is one of the few jacket brands that breakdown the entire source map for a particular jacket in a hoodie in front of public eyes which in my opinion is one of the main reason cultivating brand’s trust.

Trust me source map of Thermoball Eco Hoodie is a bit simple to understand, what can be more complex than North Face Women’s Denali 2 Jacket sourcing. Do you wanna know? Ok, let me be brief yet precise.

  • Material suppliers for W’s Denali 2 Jacket:
    • Yarn Supplier: Malaysia, China, Taiwan, US (Carolina, Virginia)
    • Trim Supplier: China, Colombia,
    • Zipper Supplier: South Korea, El Salvador
    • Thread Supplier: EL Salvador
    • Plastic Supplier: Texas, US
    • Fiber Supplier: California US
    • Chemical Supplier: South Carolina (US)
  • Textile Mills: Taiwan, South Korea, Guatemala
  • Garment Manuacturer: EL Salvador

Now for approx all the North Face jackets and hoodies, the manufacturing route goes like this: Plastic supplier to Yarn supplier to Thread supplier to Dyeing and Finishing Mill or Textile Mills to Garment Manufacturer and finally garment manufacturer to Distribution centers.

Forget to mention, Zippers directly goes to Garment manufacturer from Zippers supplier which in most cases is the YKK. And Trim also goes directly to the garment manufacturer.

Ok, so what do we usually understand when we say ‘Jackets Made In ?’ It is where the garment manufactures but consumers should understand that loyalty happens when we also know where the materials are originally coming from to the manufacturing factories.

Though, if we go all-around then the North Face Jackets and hoodies are made in Vietnam, China, India, El Salvador, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Bulgaria, Guatemala, and the USA.

Now you may ask why the hell The North Face tells me where their jackets are made. And that’s a no-brainer because they have made available to the public their factories list, not just those that VFC (North Face parent company) own but those where they outsource most of the jackets and hoodies manufacturing work.

You can check the details at (factory list) and also if you have the freest time you can go to VFC Traceability Maps, where you can not only check where some famous North face jackets are sourced but also some most popular VFC brand’s outdoor products like shoes, fleece, Altra, Dickies, Icebreaker, Jansport, Smartwool, Timberland, and Vans are source from zipping, trim, plastic sourcing to the distribution.

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Are North Face ‘Made In USA’ Jackets Really Made In USA?

As I’ve already described in very detail that North Face jackets are not made in the USA specifically because they have contracted to different garment manufacturers in different countries to make their hoodies and jackets.

Though, even if your North Face jacket claim or have a Made In USA label then also it is not entirely true because still the majority of materials are sourced from other countries to USA manufacturing units.

Where Are North Face Jackets Sold?

The North Face is not a small name in the Outerwear industry and seeing the growing demand, The North Face jackets can be bought in any reputable online clothing store and many local stores near or in your city.

If you’re confused about where to find a trusted store for real north face jackets then go to the TNF store locator where all the online dealers are listed and a tool is provided where you can insert your street address, city, state, or zip code to get the list of local stores.

Where Are Real North Face Jackets Made?

Unfortunately, there is no accurate and specific location the North Face has disclosed where their real jackets are made. But, if you want to buy a real north face jacket then go to their store locator where partnered online dealers and offline stores are listed to buy a legit TNF jacket.

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Where Is North Face Located?

The North Face was originally founded in 1968 in San Francisco, California, US. But its headquarters are now located in Alameda, California, US.

Are North Face Jackets Made In China?

Yes, I think after Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Indonesia together, a major percentage of the North Face jackets and hoodies manufacturing is happening in China because of cheap manufacturing rates.

Are North Face Jackets Made In Vietnam?

Yes, Vietnam is one of the few countries where a high percentage of The North Face jackets and Hoodies are manufactured. However, in many instances, a TNF jacket that is made in Vietnam, other materials like zippers, trim, plastic, thread, and yarn come from other countries supplier to Vietnam’s Garment Manufacturing factories.

Are North Face Jackets Made In Indonesia?

Yes, I would say a good chunk of North Face jackets is manufactured in Indonesia. Though this doesn’t convey that all jackets are made in Indonesia as there are countries like Vietnam, China, Cambodia, etc where a large percentage of overall North Face Jackets and Hoodies manufacturing is going on.

Are North Face Jackets Made In Nicaragua?

No North Face jackets are not manufactured in Nicaragua but some textile and dyeing work is outsourced to third-party Tier1 factories in Nicaragua. Managua, Nicaragua is one of the places where some part of the VFC that is the parent company of the North Face is outsourced to.

Are North Face Jackets Made In Mexico?

Yes, if I look at the factories list published in 2021Q2 by the TNF’s parent company VFC then Mexico is one of the places where The North Face Garments are manufactured. Though I am not damn sure that North Face jackets are manufactured in Mexico, at least, some amount of sourcing either yarn, chemical, trim, plastic, or thread is for sure from Mexico at least for one of the North Face jackets styles.

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