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Do Champion Hoodies Run Small Or Big? (With Table)

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Yes, few Champion hoodies run small but the majority of them are either true to size or run big (oversized).

You can check out the table provided in this article to know which Champion hoodies run small or big.

Let’s look at it in more depth.

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How big or small do champion hoodies run?

Here we go…

The hoodies that run big also add up the roominess for sure, and some baggies which in most cases baggies are around the midsection which in some jackets can be manageable, and in some, it is quite a lot.

And honestly speaking, all the champion hoodies have long sleeves which are perfect because longer sleeves are getting trendy nowadays. Though I’ve told you this because not everyone is the same and does not want the little too big sleeves.

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On the other, the hoodies that run small which are mostly in the case of women, do stiff at places like the chest and waist which again is a personal preference, and runs really short sometimes which then becomes advised by the people who have experienced this to get a size up if you don’t want to feel like packed.

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Some women hoodies are intended to go small and if in case they run a bit big, there will be a lot of complaints about it because they are talking about hoodies such as Women’s Reverse Weave Cropped Cut Off Hood-Fit which is supposed to show the belly and more likely the navel and if it fails to do so there will be reviews about it running big.

The only hoodie from the Champion brand that does not receive any complaint but running big or small is the Men’s Powerblend Fleece Pullover Hoodie, Script Logo which however is a bit oversized just to add the roominess though it does not create any bagginess.

There are lots of bestseller men’s/women’s hoodies mentioned in the table in the next section along with a brief recommendation by most people about their fit and sizing.

So check that out to reduce the chances of getting an unfit hoodie.

Which Champion Hoodies run small or big?

Men’s Hoodies

Bestseller Champion HoodiesDo They Run Small or Big?Style
M’s Reverse Weave Hoodie, C Logo (Unisex)Fits perfectly but is a bit oversizedGF68 Y06145
M’s Powerblend Fleece Hoodie, C LogoRuns a little big and wide on the wristS0889 407D55
M’ Powerblend Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie, C LogoIt runs big so you can consider sizing down especially if you’re women who want a men’s hoodie. To say, a 5’6″ and 140 lbs or around will be nice in Small size.S0891 407D55
M’s Powerblend Hoodie, Script LogoRuns bigGF89H Y06794
M’s Reverse Weave Tie Dye HoodieFits perfectly but is a bit baggy in the tummy area and the opening for the head is smallGF68 590160
M’s Powerblend Fleece Pullover Hoodie, Script LogoTrue to size and it is roomierGF89H Y07718
M’s Reverse Weave Hoodie, All Over LogoTrue to size but just a bit baggier but women’s who want to buy this should consider sizing upS2974
M’s Reverse Weave Vintage Script LogoIt runs small in the front and has some bagginess around the midsectionGF68 Y08069
M’s Reverse Weave CrewRuns bigGF70 Y06145

Women’s Hoodies

Bestseller Champion Women’s HoodiesDo They Run Small or Big?Style
Reverse Weave Hoodie, C LogoRuns small on body length but sleeves are perfectGF89H Y06794
Reverse Weave Boyfriend HoodieIt is oversizedGF510 Y06145
Reverse Weave Cropped Cut Off Hood-Fit, C LogoRuns small on the body length but I think it’s intendedWL659 549302
Summer Sweats Oversized Hoodie, Embroidered LogoThin and oversizedWL5748 550316
Powerblend Fleece HoodieRuns small and tight so consider sizing up, however, keep in mind that the sleeves are longer in the usual size so it may get much longer.GF934 Y08113
Powerblend HoodieFits perfectly but the sleeves are longer than the armGF934
Powerblend Fleece Relaxed Hoodie, All Ove LogoFits perfectly but is a bit stiffW5923P
Campus French Terry Zip Hoodie, Cross-Stitch LogoIt runs smallW5672 586970

Types Of Jackets Fit Champion Provides:

In my opinion, Champion is one of those brands that offer a fit based on the type of activities you perform.

Like they have both heavyweight and lightweight hoodies, where lightweight one is more for a casual purpose whereas the heavyweight ones can easily be wear for short hike and camping as they will provide some level of warmth.

If I being friendly with you then if you’re woman, you can wear a men’s hoody without any style issue, however, many women prefer to go for Champion men’s hoodies rather than that which especially made for them because one thing I have seen on the men’s version is that they tend to be roomier and provide better ease of movement then women one.

That being said, it does not mean the women’s hoodies from this brand are crap but the point is all women’s can wear any men’s hoodies but not all women’s hoodies can be worn by men due to style issues.

Champion hoodies are available in 3 different fits:

Relaxed Fit: Not all the hoodies come in a relaxed fit, but I checked the list on 8/14/21 there are more than 15 hoodies in a relaxed fit. Such hoodies tend to fit loose on everywhere without any shaping but this is the only fit that can offer you the desired roominess and space to layer in winter.

Standard FIt: The Champion hoodies with the standard-fit features some space and tend to fit somewhat close to the body for a perfect and shaped fit.

Big & Tall: As the name says this is not for the athletic body type but it is for those who have a high torso and at the same time they also have a big tummy.

Plus size: This fit is not for men instead it is for women with bigger busts, waists. and hips. The plus-size in champion hoodies can go from XL to 4XL in some hoodies.

Plus size is something that I’ve seen done well in Champion after the Columbia Sportswear.

Unisex: Unisex hoodies are designed after taking an average fit that a men and women especially brother and sister, girlfriend and boyfriend can wear interchangeably.

Can I return the unfit Champion hoodies?

Yes, any unfit champion hoodie which is either running big or small can be returned if it is unused and unwashed within 45 days of purchase.

But, unfortunately, at this time (maybe later) they do not offer the exchanges so to get an exchange you need to first go through all the return and refund processes and then you can place a new order for a larger or smaller size.

And, do not go to their stores if you have purchased the hoodie from because for online orders only mail returns are available which may take up to 2-3 weeks to refund your money.

To file your return go to their return policy page.

Champion Hoodies Sizing Chart:


All the measurements are in inches.



All the measurements are in inches.

S (4-6)32.5-34.524.5-26.534.5-36.5
M (8-10)35-3727-2937-39
L (12-14)37.5-39.529.5-32.539.5-42.5
XL (16-18)40-4233-3636.5-39.5
2XL (20-22)42.5-44.536.5-39.546.5-49.5

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